what opportunities are available IN NESTFIG?

Project examples

We are looking for enthusiastic people to join us and help us to deliver some of the following:

  • Sim-cards: 1-page reviews of topics involving Sim, MedEd, QI, TEL & HFE

  • Journal Club +/- Podcast: keeping up to date on the latest work and promoting work from the region

  • NESTFIG MetaDebrief Club: establishing a programme of tele-simulation debrief events

  • MedShr Page: a potential platform to share and discuss content confidentially

  • MELISSA SimWars-style NE - IN CONCEPT ONLY: a regional IPE student based single-elimination tournament using the MELISSA bus

  • Sim Champion Programme: we are keen on promoting fair access to simulation and are always looking for champions from any training background and grade

  • Sim Patient Program: scope the need for expert sim patients and the role students can play

There are other ways to get involved too. Why not share a scenario, or volunteer at your local simulation centre. To find out more or to apply for any of the above lead roles check out our CONTACT US page.

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