Your time during a teaching fellowship will fly by so take the time to think about what you want out of it.

Everyone has their own motivations for undertaking a teaching fellowship. For many it is because of a passion to improve their teaching, others undertake it for time out of training to better understand themselves and their motivations, some will choose it to boost their application scores.

If you are motivated for time out of training, use this time to think about yourself, where you see yourself in 10 years, and talk to others about what motivates them to follow various training pathways.

If you are motivated for application scores, think about how you can best show this - plan involvement in audit and projects early. Consider when regular conferences or events happen and the work required for submissions. Think about tasters and leadership opportunities either locally or regionally (see GET INVOLVED for inspiration).

If you are motivated about developing your teaching, speak to your local education leads for feedback and support, consider FINDING A MENTOR to help yourself develop further. See more of our PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT pages around matching to a provisional curriculum which will allow you to transfer each point to another accreditation process, such as AoME, HEA, ASPiH etc..., OR the SIMULATION EDUCATOR PORTFOLIO to evidence your work properly. And to really show your commitment why not undertake a SIMULATION PRACTITIONER INQUIRY and find a novel way to develop yourself further.

There are obviously many reasons why an individual may be motivated to undertake a teaching fellowship but from the above the best thing I can recommend is to think carefully about what you want out of it, rather than for it to finish and be left with regrets.

A good summary of this can be found with this Academic Medicine Last Page titled - Hit the Ground Running: Engaging Early-Career Medical Educators in Scholarly Activity. Some big names in the world have simulation have contributed to this page titled 'How I Sim' and provides and enlightening read.

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