Moulage = 'casting/moulding'

Moulage either stimulates feelings of fun or fear in people - it is a optional tool with the aim to enhance physical 'realism' during the scenario. The need to, or not to, use moulage with a focus on realism is covered more elsewhere.

First caution with moulage - many elements, while authentic, are not compliant with manikin skins and can stain quite expensive equipment quite easily so please use caution. Equally, when using makeup on simulated patients caution should be taken regarding adverse / allergic reactions if novel to the individual so please take care.

In terms of expertise - anyone can have a go at moulage and the 'experience' of the person applying it makes no difference. However, it is an important element and therefore accuracy and authenticity are key - to a degree. A core principle which explains this is the 'Uncanny Valley' by Mori, 1970. Another great review around moulage in simulation is available here.

The best way to gain experience is to have a go, there are many substitutes available if working on a budget and there are several 'cookbooks' out there. The best way to get the most out of moulage is to ask the experts - speak to your local Sim Tech to find out more about what is available locally.

A full review of Moulage is beyond the scope of this webpage and are covered in greater depth in multiple areas in the resources below.


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