systems & complexity thinking

What makes system thinking & complexity thinking so complex?


  • Develop a better understanding of Situational Awareness and how to assess performance through debriefing.

  • Analyse your own Situational Awareness practice and evaluate other's practice.

Estimated time to complete: 40 minutes

Throughout these bite-sized lessons we cannot hope to cover all of the content needed in the depth desired by all readers. The intention is to cover some core principles and flag key papers which can be used as springboards for your personal development.

Next steps:

  • Check out our Sim-Cards: One-page reviews for a printable infographic on Situational Awareness.

  • See our Scenarios for teaching materials specifically focused on promoting a learner's Situational Awareness.

  • Access the Professional Development page for worksheets aimed to support reflection on Situational Awareness.

  • Kotter

  • Buchanan [1]

further learning

See one paper below and its connected articles for a wider review of the literature:

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