Twitter Final Revision Group


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An online revision tool for medical school finals. Coming soon to a Twitter feed near you soon!

"The idea for the group is each week to hold a real time case based discussion. We tweet a few reminders beforehand, with the title of this week's case, and when it reaches discussion time, we'll log on to twitter and get the discussion going with all tweets marked with the #twitfrg hashtag.

We'll discuss the case from history, through examination and then on to investigations, diagnosis and management; as well as the reasoning behind our decisions related to those cases, and also try and answer queries as we go along. "

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TwitFRG & Virtual Simulation

TwitFRG has been pioneering online case presentations and discussion since 2012. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted training on a grand scale, project groups like this have become increasingly key for learner development by providing access to a community of practice and motivated edu.

By interacting in an online session, a learner can react in real-time to sections of information, as they would in clinical practice, building the patient's story and clinical events into a cohesive picture. This facilitates higher order learning through application of knowledge and subsequent analysis and evaluation of intervention response. The cases are presented in a similar way to physical simulations, with learners requesting investigations and treatment options, but with added development of open discussion and learning with near-peers. The case summary with topic discussion and end of scenario debrief promote good learning practice and provide clear take-home messages.

Here at NESTFIG we are keen to support any and all forms of learning and simulation and TwitFRG is a great example developed and run within the North East.